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Selling your note is a quick and easy when you enlist the services of our highly rated company. We have been purchasing notes for over 20 years and would be happy to provide you with a free no obligation offer for your note.

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How It Works

We have streamlined our process so that the sell of your note will go quickly and with little effort on your part. The first step is to Request A Quote from us. If you like our offer then you send us some paperwork. We will then do all of the due diligence necessary to complete the purchase of your note. When it’s time to close on your note we will give you the option of closing at a title company or attorney of your choice or we can even send a notary to your home or office, either way, we pay for all closing costs.

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Why Would You Want
To Sell Your Note

We have helped hundreds of individuals convert their monthly payments into one large lump sum. The reasons that people sell are unique to each individual, but the most common reason is that people prefer to have all of their money now as opposed to waiting years to collect monthly payments. Also, many people tire from having to deal with the buyers and many fear that the buyer will eventually default and stop making payments.


Partial Purchase Option

Did you know that you can sell part of your note and still receive cash now? Yes, it’s true. We offer an option whereby you can sell a predetermined amount of future payments, for a lump sum of cash and then receive your note back again in the future.

We offer funding for many different types of notes.

 For more information click the icon below on your note type!

If you sell automobiles and finance them for your buyers, we can help you cash out your loan portfolio.

Have you sold a business and financed it for the buyer? If so, we can convert your payments to a lump sum of cash.

Receiving payments from a personal injury lawsuit? We can provide you with a lump sum of cash today.

You will no longer have to wait 30 to 90+ days to receive payment on services, this includes all business to business and medical receivables. 

Are you waiting on an inheritance? We can provide you with an advance for your pending inheritance, with no risk or out of pocket expense.

We can provide you with a fast advance on a pending lawsuit that you are waiting on. Don’t wait, get some much needed cash today.

Convert your annual payments to a lump sum of cash today. You do not have to wait years for your money.

If you have sold a property and are now receiving payments then contact us and we will convert those payments to one large lump sum.

Attention Seniors! Do not let your insurance policy lapse, sell it to us. We accept all types of policies.


What People Say
About Us

You guys made the process easy and you closed in just a couple of weeks. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their note.

Stephanie J.

I shopped around and not only did you make me the best offer but your service was outstanding. I was updated every step of the way and I appreciate your professionalism.

Joelle R.

Me and my three siblings inherited our note and didn’t know anything about how to sell our note. You took the time to explain everything to us and you made the process so easy and painless, we are all for every greatful.

James H.